The 10-Step Survey Process

The comprehensive survey assessment process provided by Advanced Survey Design features 10 steps that help you get the results you want from your survey feedback. Our team utilizes all of our steps as necessary to help you create a customized survey that accurately captures the opinions of your team and employees.

Step 1 – Customized Survey Development

The starting point for the process is to design a survey that measures what you want evaluated. This is accomplished by meeting with the client and mutually defining exactly what information is being sought. Next, our team interviews your subject matter experts to develop a preliminary set of potential survey items. Additionally, our team will review your expanded set of survey items with you so we can develop a test set of the survey items. Finally, our team completes the development process by conducting a beta test of the product from which a final set of survey items is recommended.

Step 2 – Tailored Survey Website Design

Concurrent with the first step, our team creates a website tailored to your precise needs. If you desire, our team can also host this website for you. Survey website hosting is also available.

Step 3 – Survey Construction

Upon completion of the first two steps, our team incorporates the final set of survey items onto the survey website.

Step 4 – Survey Administration

If desired, our team can administer the survey process for you. Survey administration policies, rules, and procedures established during client negotiation will also be implemented at this time. The policy regarding the survey administration will then be published on the survey website so it can be easily found.

Step 5 – Real-Time Data Display

Upon achieving specified thresholds of survey responses, aggregate data becomes available for display to our clients. A “dashboard” display of this data can be made available using restricted access codes provided to select individuals as agreed upon during client negotiations. Online data is updated in real time.

Step 6 – In-Depth Data Analysis

In-depth analysis of client data, in addition to that provided by the survey software, can be conducted by our team. The level of analytical support is determined during the client contract negotiations.

Step 7 – Personalized Feedback & Reports

Two levels of feedback and reports are available to you. The first level features feedback and reports generated by the survey software and available to select individuals as discussed in Step 5. The second level features specialized feedback and reports that can be produced in addition to the online reports. These reports determined during client contract negotiations.

Step 8 – Intervention Strategy Development

Our team examines the survey data for links between the data and potential risks. Our organization has software modules that can be populated with intervention strategies generated by you or our own specialists. The level of intervention strategy development is determined during client contract negotiations.

Step 9 – Specialized Training

Our organization provides presentations, seminars, workshops, and other training packages that focus on specific survey areas. These packages can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Our training packages cover a variety of different subject areas, including risk management, crew resource management, incident investigation, and organizational communication, and can be presented in several different formats, such as DVD, PowerPoint® presentations, online training, or program texts. Our team has the capability to expand our training menu based on your specific needs.

Step 10 – Periodic, Recurring Survey Implementation

The strength of our program is the ability to replicate the process periodically to measure change over time. Steps 1-8 of our comprehensive survey assessment process cycle can be repeated as desired by the client.

Contact us to create a survey designed to help you advance the way your company receives information from your employees. Our specialists are proud to provide our customized survey development to assist clients throughout the country.