Comprehensive Services for Your Support Needs

Many survey providers don’t have the ability to handle hierarchical organizations that are looking for a good way to receive useful feedback from their staff. Advanced Survey Design is here to fix that by providing a large variety of customizable survey design and administration services to ensure you get the relevant information you need to better your organization.

We provide multiple levels of survey data analysis and onsite training to supporting all of your needs. Take a look below for more information about the high-quality services we offer to your organization.

Real-Time, Online Feedback to Executives of the Surveyed Organizations

When it comes to real-time online feedback, our comprehensive survey assessment process constantly delivers. Our survey implementation allows your authorized personnel to receive 24/7 access to your survey analysis. This analysis is updated immediately as new surveys are completed.

Raw Data Review & Topical Analysis

The analysts at our organization are ready to provide you with a raw data review as soon as the information becomes available. We do this by probing the data for information and insights before performing a critical analysis of the information we have found. This is then provided to you in paper, a presentation, or any other preferred format you request.

In-Depth Analysis of Raw Data & Associated Statistics

Are you looking for an in-depth analysis of your raw data and associated statistics? Our analysts can perform that service as well. Client data can be thoroughly studied, correlated with potentially-related data sets, and fully analyzed and reported by our team to offer you the best results possible.

Contact us to learn more about all of the different administrative services we offer to our clients throughout the world. Our team is proud to provide you with a comprehensive survey assessment process that helps you get effective results.