ASD’s Current Customers

Advanced Survey Design has provided our comprehensive survey assessment process to a variety of major organizations. We are proud that our survey implementation team has been able to support all of the clients we have worked with and look forward to adding your organization to our growing list of satisfied customers. The following is a list of our current, active customers:

Commander Naval Air Forces

ACASS (Aviation Climate Assessment Survey System)

ASD designed and maintains the CSA/MCAS survey database used by the U.S. Navy aviation community. It is used to measure organizational safety climates in real time and provide Commanding Officers with the tools to make corrections.


Air Force Safety Center

AFCMRS (Air Force Combined Mishap Reduction System)
AFCMRS is a system of surveys designed to assess a squadron’s safety culture. The surveys focus on the safety culture of flight operations, maintenance, support personnel, drinking and driving, off duty and recreational activities, PMV, and motorcycle use.

NASA HQ Office of Safety & Mission Assurance

NASASCS (NASA Safety Culture Survey)
NASASCS provides Center-level managers with data on their organization’s safety perceptions and behaviors.

Defense Health Agency (DHA)

Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES)
The IDES surveys obtain feedback from U.S. Service members concerning their experience with the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) and Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) phases of the disability evaluation process.


USMC CMC Safety Division

GCASS (Ground Climate Assessment Survey System)
MCASS (Marine Corps Aviation Survey System)
CCS (Command Climate Survey)

The USMC’s safety climate websites contain a suite of online surveys designed to assess U.S. Marine Corps, battalion-left organizational climates in real time.

British Ministry of Defence

SEAT (U.K. Ministry of Defence Safety Environment Assessment Tool)
Tailored from the Air Force AFCMRS, ASD developed SEAT for the Royal Air Force then expanded it’s coverage to the Royal Navy and Army. It provides leaders with data on their organization’s safety perceptions and behaviors.

VHA National Center for Organization Development

VA AES (VA Affairs All-Employee Survey)
AES obtains valuable feedback from nearly 300,000 VA employees each year that enables VA to improve their processes and support for U.S. Veterans.

NOAA Office of Marine & Aviation Operations (OMAO)

Online Safety Climate Assessment System (OSCAS)
The OMAO surveys measure unit safety climate within the NOAA aviation and marine units.