Product Overview for Design, Administration & Analysis

Specializing in customized survey development, tailored survey website design, and survey administration, Advanced Survey Design utilizes our comprehensive survey assessment process for a variety of different products and services designed to provide you with an in-depth data analysis that helps you strengthen the way your organization operates.

From intervention strategy development services to secure survey website hosting; our team does everything it takes to create a professional survey that delivers information that is useful for your organization while keeping the result secure and anonymous.

Customized Survey Development

ASD’s staff works closely with our customers to determine what they want measured and what survey content can best deliver that information. With more than 15 years of experience, our team fully understands how to design and analyze anonymous online organizational assessments so we can add value to your organization. Our well-designed, properly conducted, and thoroughly debriefed surveys can be developed face-to-face, by telephone, or by email.

Tailored Interactive Survey Website Design

Make sure your survey website is modified to specifically meet your assessment requirements by working with our professional team of experts. We own and code our software, which means we are adept at making tailored changes for you as needed. Our team has experience managing numerous customers, including the Naval Aviation, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps, British Royal Air Force, and the VA, who were in need of a tool to enable survey administration for thousands of separate units each year. We realize our software is unique in its ability to support large, hierarchical organizations wanting to conduct self-assessments; we look forward to providing you with an anonymous survey system that allows for candid responses.

Survey Administration

Setting up surveys and debriefing the results to unit managers is one of the main services provided by our company. We conduct survey setups via telephone to ensure that your unit survey administrator knows how to successfully conduct an anonymous survey. Then we conduct telephonic debriefs in which we walk unit leadership through the survey feedback of their team members on the survey website. We know our software intimately and work very closely with all of our customers to ensure they get the greatest value from it. Our software is designed to facilitate high volume surveying from hundreds of distinct units within each customer’s organization.

In-Depth Data Analysis & Personalized Feedback Reports

The team at our organization uses SPSS and Excel to process a customer’s survey data in a way that highlights statistically significant findings. Our analysis tools are used by individuals with both academic and professional experience so they can assess the results after the data is collected. Our customers can rest easy knowing that they will be able to derive actionable information from their peoples’ feedback using our in-depth data analysis and personalized feedback reports.

Intervention Strategy Development

Work with our team to generate a list of actions your unit or team can take to address an issue highlighted by survey results. We realized many years ago that the process of organizational improvement does not end with survey results. These only point toward areas of concern. We want to ensure that our customers are able to gain ideas that they may not have thought of to mitigate risks identified by their survey results. Intervention strategies, which are tailored to the client or situation, are then developed using input from prior senior leaders and safety forums.

Secure Survey Website Hosting

Our company hosts our customers’ websites in the Amazon Web Services GovCloud region. We are fanatical about security and website performance, which is why we monitor all of our sites constantly for any issues affecting availability, performance, and/or security. This AWS Public Sector blog post describes how and why ASD hosts our customers’ sites in the GovCloud region.  Additionally, the GovCloud has earned a FedRAMP Authorization to Operate, which conveys the Federal government’s endorsement of GovCloud IT security measures.

Additional Services Include:

  • Web-Based, Offline Computer-Based, or Pencil/Paper Questionnaires
  • Real-Time Data Displays
  • Customized Training Packages, Presentations, Seminars & Workshops
  • Online Maintenance Error Information Management System

Contact us for more information about all of the different products we offer to our customers throughout the globe. Our survey administration services help you create a safer, better environment for yourself and your employees.